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Here’s a fact: JSX and public charter flying have an untarnished safety record.

  • JSX has experienced pilots with Captains averaging over 8,000 flying hours and First Officers averaging over 3,000 flying hours. Our pilot training program mirrors that of the major U.S. airlines.
  • Our security program is regulated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and includes weapons detection, trace explosives detection, background checks, and more.
  • We are backed by some of the world’s most admired airlines – companies that are changemakers committed to the evolution of air travel, like JetBlue and United Airlines. We also pass rigorous regular airline industry safety audits.
  • Our flights operate within the bounds of a strict regulatory framework that has been time-tested and, until now, has not been questioned.

If our opponents get their way, JSX will be regulated out of business and the only regular service to places like Taos NM, Boulder CO, Destin FL, Concord CA, Odessa TX, Lajitas TX, and Opa Locka FL will disappear overnight. Your freedom to travel off the beaten path, or to fly more comfortably in major markets, will be taken away.

JSX serves underserved communities not just with our unique destinations. We also hear stories and praise literally every day from people with elderly parents, with family members on the autism spectrum, and many others unable or unwilling to endure the crowded terminals, packed planes and onboard riots and delays that have become common on the mega carriers who want us gone.

Unlike the world’s largest airline that has over 1,000 airplanes, limitless legal and financial resources and strongly opposes JSX, we are a young, but growing, company flying just 47 airplanes with 1,200 Crewmembers.

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